08:30 Welcome Desk & Registration (08:30 - 09:00)
09:00 - 10:15 - Room Einstein Parallel Session 3 - Applications
  • 79: Statistical Shape Model for Simulation of Realistic Endometrial Tissue Sebastian Kurtek, Chafik Samir and Lemlih Ouchchane
  • 52: Feature Extraction in Pet Images for the Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease João Duarte, Helena Aidos and Ana Fred
  • 182: Classification of the Liver Tumors using Multiresolution, Superior Order EOCM Textural Features Delia Mitrea, Sergiu Nedevschi and Radu Badea
09:00 - 10:15 - Room Schrodinger Parallel Session 3a - Applications
  • 26: An a-contrario Approach for Face Matching Luis D. Di Martino, Javier Preciozzi, Federico Lecumberry and Alicia Fernández
  • 74: Confidence-based Rank-level Fusion for Audio-visual Person Identification System Mohammad Rafiqul Alam, Mohammed Bennamoun , Roberto Togneri and Ferdous Sohel
  • 176: On the Bin Number Choice of Joint Histogram Estimation Applied to Mutual Information based Face Recognition Abdenour Hacine-Gharbi and Philippe Ravier
10:15 - 11:15 - Room Auditorium De L'anjou Keynote Lecture Deep-er Kernels John Shawe-Taylor
11:15 Coffee-Break (11:15 - 11:30)
11:30 - 13:20 - Room Schrodinger Parallel Session 4 - Applications, Theory and Methods
  • 59: Discriminative Prior Bias Learning for Pattern Classification Takumi Kobayashi and Kenji Nishida
  • 84: A Multi-Fonts Kanji Character Recognition Method for Early-Modern Japanese Printed Books with Ruby Characters Taeka Awazu, Manami Fukuo, Masami Takata and Kazuki Joe
  • 93: Human action recognition for real-time applications Ivo Reznicek and Pavel Zemcik
  • 109: Parallel Classification System based on an Ensemble of Mixture of Experts Benjamín Moreno-Montiel and René MacKinney-Romero
11:30 - 13:20 - Room Einstein Parallel Session 4a - Applications, Theory and Methods
  • 72: Shape-based Segmentation of Tomatoes for Agriculture Monitoring Ujjwal Verma, Florence Rossant, Isabelle Bloch, Julien Orensanz and Denis Boisgontier
  • 119: Removing Motion Blur using Natural Image Statistics Johannes Herwig, Timm Linder and Josef Pauli
  • 80: Non technical losses detection: experts labels vs. inspection labels in the learning stage Fernanda Rodríguez, Federico Lecumberry and Alicia Fernández
  • 124: The Integer Approximation of Undirected Graphical Models Nico Piatkowski, Sangkyun Lee and Katharina Morik
11:30 - 13:20 - Room Planck Parallel Session 4b - Applications, Theory and Methods
  • 54: On Selecting Helpful Unlabeled Data for Improving Semi-Supervised Support Vector Machines Thanh-Binh Le and Sang-Woon Kim
  • 64: Minutiae Persistence among Multiple Samples of the Same Person’s Fingerprint in a Cooperative User Scenario Vedrana Krivokuća, Waleed Abdulla and Akshya Swain
  • 132: External Vision based Robust Pose Estimation System for a Quadrotor in Outdoor Environments Wei Zheng, Fan Zhou and Zengfu Wang
  • 181: Live stream oriented age and gender estimation using boosted LBP histograms comparisons Lionel Prevost, Philippe Phothisane and Erwan Bigorgne
13:20 Lunch (13:20 - 14:30)
14:30 - 15:30 - Room Auditorium De L'anjou Keynote Lecture Efficient and Versatile 3D Laser Mapping for Challenging Environments Robert Zlot
15:30 Coffee-Break (15:30 - 16:15)
15:30 - 16:30 - Foyer Posters Session 2
  • 6: KOSHIK- A Large-scale Distributed Computing Framework for NLP Peter Exner and Pierre Nugues
  • 15: An Inhomogeneous Bayesian Texture Model for Spatially Varying Parameter Estimation Chathurika Dharmagunawardhana, Sasan Mahmoodi, Michael Bennett and Mahesan Niranjan
  • 23: Human Activity Recognition Framework in Monitored Environments O. León, M. P. Cuellar, M. Delgado, Y. Le Borgne and G. Bontempi
  • 24: Automatic Polyp Detection using DSC Edge Detector and HOG Features Himanshu Agrahari, Yuji Iwahori, M. K. Bhuyan, Somnath Ghorai, Himanshu Kohli, Robert J. Woodham and Kunio Kasugai
  • 31: Comparison of Performances of Plug-in Spatial Classification Rules based on Bayesian and ML Estimators Kestutis Ducinskas, Egle Zikariene and Lina Dreiziene
  • 39: Applying Machine Learning Techniques to Baseball Pitch Prediction Michael Hamilton, Phuong Hoang, Lori Layne, Joseph Murray, David Padget, Corey Stafford and Hien Tran
  • 51: A Pixel Labeling Framework for Comparing Texture Features Application to Digitized Ancient Books Maroua Mehri, Petra Gomez-Krämer, Pierre Héroux, Alain Boucher and Rémy Mullot
  • 62: A Comparison of Approaches for Person Re-identification Maria De Marsico, Riccardo Distasi, Stefano Ricciardi and Daniel Riccio
  • 66: Time-segmentation- and Position-free Recognition from Video of Air-drawn Gestures and Characters Yuki Nitsuma, Syunpei Torii, Yuichi Yaguchi and Ryuichi Oka
  • 73: 3D Shape Retrieval using Uncertain Semantic Query - A Preliminary Study Hattoibe Aboubacar, Vincent Barra and Gaëlle Loosli
  • 76: A Fast Computation Method for IQA Metrics Based on their Typical Set Vittoria Bruni and Domenico Vitulano
  • 77: Benchmarking binarisation techniques for 2D fiducial marker tracking Yves Rangoni and Eric Ras
  • 83: Human Action Description Based on Temporal Pyramid Histograms Yingying Liu and Arcot Sowmya
  • 111: Robust Object Tracking using Log-Gabor Filters and Color Histogram Oumaima Sliti, Chekib Gmati, Faouzi Benzarti and Hamid Amiri
  • 146: Automatic Identification of Motor Patterns Leading to Freezing of Gait in Parkinson’s Disease - An Exploratory Study Luca Palmerini, Laura Rocchi, Jeffrey M. Hausdorff and Lorenzo Chiari
  • 154: A Neural Network Approach for Human Gesture Recognition with a Kinect Sensor T. D’Orazio, C. Attolico, G. Cicirelli and C. Guaragnella
  • 155: Pattern-based Classification of Rhythms Johannes Fliege, Frank Seifert and André Richter
  • 163: Stability of Ensemble Feature Selection on High-Dimension and Low-Sample Size Data - Influence of the Aggregation Method David Dernoncourt, Blaise Hanczar and Jean-Daniel Zucker
  • 165: Development of an Interhemispheric Symmetry Measurement in the Neonatal Brain Ninah Koolen, Anneleen Dereymaeker, Katrien Jansen, Jan Vervisch, Vladimir Matic, Maarten De Vos, Gunnar Naulaers and Sabine Van Huffel
  • 167: GPU Solver with Chi-square Kernels for SVM Classification of Big Sparse Problems Krzysztof Sopyla and Pawel Drozda
  • 173: Enhanced Routing Algorithm for Opportunistic Networking - On the Improvement of the Basic Opportunistic Networking Routing Algorithm by the Application of Machine Learning Ladislava Smítková Janků and Kateřina Hyniová
  • 178: Enhanced Image Processing Pipeline and Parallel Generation of Multiscale Tiles for Web-based 3D Rendering of Whole Mouse Brain Vascular Networks Jaerock Kwon
  • 179: Bilingual Software Requirements Tracing using Vector Space Model Olcay Taner Yıldız, Ahmet Okutan and Ercan Solak
16:30 - 18:00 - Room Einstein Parallel Session 5 - Applications, Theory and Methods
  • 98: Particle Video for Crowd Flow Tracking Antoine Fagette, Patrick Jamet, Daniel Racoceanu and Jean-Yves Dufour
  • 18: A Low Illumination Environment Motion Detection Method based on Dictionary Learning Huaxin Xiao, Yu Liu, Bin Wang, Shuren Tan and Maojun Zhang
  • 126: Region-Based Abnormal Motion Detection in Video Surveillance Jorge Henrique Busatto Casagrande and Marcelo Ricardo Stemmer
  • 147: Towards Automated Video Analysis of Sensorimotor Assessment Data Ana B. Graciano Fouquier, Séverine Dubuisson, Isabelle Bloch and Anja Klöeckner
16:30 - 18:00 - Room Schrodinger Parallel Session 5a - Applications, Theory and Methods
  • 57: SCHOG Feature for Pedestrian Detection Ryuichi Ozaki and Kazunori Onoguchi
  • 82: Dirichlet-tree Distribution Enhanced Random Forests for Head Pose Estimation Liu Yuanyuan, Chen Jingying, Liu Leyuan, Gong Yujiao and Luo Nan
  • 113: Hierarchical Energy-Transfer Features Radovan Fusek, Eduard Sojka, Karel Mozdřeň and Milan Šurkala
16:30 - 18:00 - Room Landau Parallel Session 1 - Urban Scene Analysis: interpretation, mapping and modeling - Special Session USA
  • 1: Toward Moving Objects Detection in 3D-Lidar and Camera Data Clement Deymier and Thierry Chateau
  • 2: Paris-rue-Madame Database - A 3D Mobile Laser Scanner Dataset for Benchmarking Urban Detection, Segmentation and Classification Methods Andrés Serna, Beatriz Marcotegui, François Goulette and Jean-Emmanuel Deschaud
  • 3: General Road Detection Algorithm - A Computational Improvement Bruno Ricaud, Bogdan Stanciulescu and Amaury Breheret
19:00 Social Event (20:00 - 23:30)